Top 3 Best Laser Hair Growth Combs

Laser hair growth

Hair loss, whether due to aging, sickness, childbirth, e.t.c., is one problem that is common with people all over the world. It is usually bothersome because our hair is a major part of our beauty and lifestyle. Therefore, there is always a desperate need to solve this problem. Thanks to laser hair growth treatments, we now have a solution. In this article, I will be doing some laser hair growth treatment reviews. You will find some laser hair growth combs which are some of the best light therapy devices out there.

Laser hair growth combs reviews

HairMax Ultima 9 Lasercomb

laser hair growth

This laser hair growth comb helps to reverse hair thinning process. It also extends hair growth circle and stimulates hair growth. Furthermore, if you want to increase your hair density and fullness, this device might be helpful.  

Additionally, the HairMax Ultima 9 Lasercomb is an FDA cleared product that is safe to use at home. It has no known side effects and is clinically proven to work.

HairMax Prima 9 LaserComb

laser hair growth

The HairMax Prima 9 LaserComb is one of the best laser hair growth device available. It helps to stimulate hair growth and prevent damage of a ready good hair. However, it is mostly used as a treatment for thinning hair and when baldness begins to occur.

Moreover, it is clinically proven to work and FDA cleared to be safe for use. It has no side effects. Therefore, if you’re suffering from hair loss, this laser hair growth comb might do the job.

Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12

Laser hair growth

Here is another best light therapy device that will help you repair your hair. It helps to reawaken dormant hair follicle so that your hair can come back to life. Also, this beautiful laser comb reverses thinning hair and encourages new hair to grow.

In addition, it works for both men and women as is clinically proven. It is FDA cleared; thus, this device is safe to use which makes it one of the best laser hair growth combs you can find.

Does laser hair growth work?  

Laser hair growth may work as exposure of the follicles to laser light may encourage hair growth. It may help reverse thinning hair and pattern balding. Even though there are testimonials from various users who claim that it works, there are experts who believe there are not enough evidence explaining how or if it really does work. While some believe it works. However, you need patience and consistency if you want to see results. This is not a magic wand.

Laser hair growth treatment side effect

From my research, there are no side effects to laser hair growth treatment recorded yet. Therefore, it is safe to use.

Laser hair regrowth treatment cost

Laser hair regrowth treatment devices cost different amounts of money depending on the manufacturer. A laser hair growth comb can be below 100 dollars or above 300 dollars. So, the prices vary. But a laser cap for hair growth will generally cost more than the laser comb. The most important this is to get the best light therapy device regardless of cost.   


Now that you know that laser hair growth treatment combs are one of best light therapy devices you can use for your hair problem, will you go ahead and try one?

Apart from showing you some reliable products, I added some other beneficial information for you with the hope that this article enlightens you.