How laser hair therapy treatment suitable for hair growth?

laser hair growth

When treating with laser light, a distinction must be made between dermatological laser treatments, such as the permanent removal of body hair and tattoos or wrinkle correction and self-approved laser tools. While some may damage the skin superficially and be used like a scalpel (and therefore only by experienced professionals), regular irradiation of the skin with a so-called low-level laser or soft laser – i.e. a comparatively weak laser light with a wavelength of around 650 nanometers – proven to have positive effects on the health of the skin, for example because it stimulates blood circulation and cell metabolism processes, compensates for irregularities in the skin and smoothest creases.

As an anti-aging tool for the hair, the headband with the soft, red laser light has several positive effects on hair health and hair quality: The patented comb keeps the individual hair strands apart so that the laser light can radiate the scalp particularly well and flatly. As red laser light is mostly absorbed, the headband stimulates the energy system and the nutrient supply to the scalp and hair roots.

This will provide the hair follicles more effectively with oxygen and other vital nutrients. In addition, the soft laser light prevents hair loss promoting DHT molecules (dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that has been shown to shrink hair follicles) to attach to the hair roots. With regular use, laser hair growth therapy supports the ability of hair follicles to regenerate, making hair stronger and healthier again, as well as hair growth-promoting treatments and scalp serums. Damaged or inactive follicles regenerate and can become active again. Weak hair is built up from the inside, grows fuller again, and feels healthy and supple.

One might need to undergo several sessions to get complete hair growth. Already after three sessions, there is a noticeable regrowth of hair! Overall, laser technology is a very effective way to not only stabilize the hair roots by introducing high-energy radiation into deep layers of the scalp but beyond that to maximize the growth of new growth. Laser treatments can be used alone or combined with other medications.

Depending on your hair loss problems and other conditions, you can Get the laser hair growth treatment. The cost of the procedure varies greatly depending on the thickness of the hair and also the number of sessions. It is better if you do the treatment under an experienced therapist. As hair is a very sensitive thing, one should not take any risk for it. A proper research should be done before getting laser hair growth treatment.